Let us celebrate the union of two souls and their families as we will dedicatedly make your typical big-fat-Indian-wedding the most beautiful day of your life. Leave it up to the “Mystical Event Wizards”.

“Wedding is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose end is an eternity. “ Keeping in mind how beautiful the bond of marriage is, come make your dream wedding a mesmerizing memory with us, the “Mystical Event Wizards”.

Weddings are not just a red flowery tent with a stage for the bride and groom and buffet for the guests. Since a wedding is an event that takes place once in a lifetime, every couple’s marriage celebration needs to have some extra effervescence to make it truly special and memorable. Designer themes, as well as destination weddings, then come into the frame.

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions with each of them having their own ways of celebrating wedding nuptials. Wedding customs vary from North Indian Weddings, South Indian Weddings, East Indian Weddings, North East Indian Weddings, West Indian Weddings, typical Muslim weddings and White Weddings (Christian Weddings), but nonetheless, they are all celebrated with much pomp and splendour to make the day extraordinary and monumental.

The big-fat-Indian-wedding is indeed a trend that every bridal couple wishes to have for their special day and planning one on your own is not an easy task which is why working with a wedding planner makes a huge difference. Wedding planners have a team of professionals who pay attention to every detail, your likes and dislikes, your preferred tastes and your must-haves which you otherwise may overlook or simply forget. Having a wedding planner makes the process of organising your big-fat-Indian-wedding smoother and hassle-free.