Talent Management

Let us celebrate the union of two souls and their families as we will dedicatedly make your typical big-fat-Indian-wedding the most beautiful day of your life. Leave it up to the “Mystical Event Wizards”.
Well-known personalities are the X-factor that bedazzles a wedding event all the more and Astute Events’ main forte is to get you connected with the artistic people.

It is not every day that a famous personality would meet you, sing and dance and eat with you but your wedding day can be that ‘one day’. The Mystical Event Wizards at Astute Events are proud to be connected with the elite class of performers who would gladly be a part of your special day and make it a memory you will forever revere.
Want an ethereal musical engagement ceremony with a songstress humming a romantic number? We can call your favourite singer.

Are you thinking of entertaining your guests at your Haldi/Henna celebration with some light-hearted comedy? We know some amazing comedians.
Would you want a famous TV anchor to host your Sangeet party? Or have some professional dancers perform elegantly? We will do the needful.

Do you want a super cool DJ to make your guests groove at the cocktail party? We have got your back. Have you been dreaming of an actor greeting you and your loved ones on your wedding day? We would love to send them the invite.
Our connections with well-known celebrities and artists are for the sole purpose of making your wedding party joyous and memorable.

Our Services:
We can call Comedians, Professional DJs, Playback Singers, Live group bands, Professional Dancers, EMCEE (freelance anchors), etc.