Always dreamt of a destination wedding?

Wedding nuptials are celebrated with much pomp and splendour but making it even more extravagant is up to you and your beloved. The idea of destination weddings has many bridal couples gasping in awe of how surreal and fantastical it looks and most of them start dreaming of a destination wedding at a beautiful spot with their fantasies of the location running wild. Some dream of pristine beaches while some fantasise about scenic mountaintops or picturesque islands. While all of the options might seem overwhelming, they will surely leave you confused as to where you must tie the knot.

Let us give you some options that you can call as some of the best destinations for weddings across the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and many other dreamy locations that are sure to give you a clearer picture of what you wedding party would be like at any of these places and you will get an idea of what you really want.

Here are some of the most romantic destinations around the world for every bridal couple with different tastes whether they like urban atmospheres, beach backdrops or old world settings.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
With sprawling 800 miles of some of the finest sandy beaches in the world, you will find a amazing resorts offering exclusive packages if you choose to organize your wedding with them. The beaches of Punta Cana are fringed with tall coconut palm trees and beryl waters that create a picturesque romantic backdrop for you to tie the knot. And, the best part is that the weather is warm throughout the year which makes it a hassle-free location for your destination wedding.

A breathtaking landscape of tropical surroundings with fine sandy beaches and serene blue waters, the 300 islands create the perfect dream-like setting for nature loving guests. Fiji is known far and wide for its rich natural cover, exotic culture and range of adventurous activities such as trekking, hiking, feeding sharks, exploring underwater sunken ships and white-water rafting. The best time to visit Fiji is during its dry season known as ‘Fiji Winter’ between May to October.

Rome, Italy, Europe
Known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome is home to artsy monuments with ancient ruins and majestic churches dating back centuries when baroque palaces and old cobblestones walls were en vogue. The centuries-old structures of Rome create the movie-like backdrop for your wedding nuptials and your guests will enjoy the authentic Italian wine and viands. If you are choosing Rome as the destination for your wedding, the ideal months would be from April to June, and September and October.

Ireland, Europe
If you are obsessed with what a “fairy tale” wedding looks like, you wouldn’t want to tie the knot in any place other than Ireland. The country is rich and romantic with churches, museums, verdant gardens, oceanside cliffs and quaint castles that bring old world charm to life and add that extra touch of enchantment that you see in fairy tales. Your guests too would be delightfully engaging in visiting museums, pubs and playing golf while in Ireland. The best time for you to wed in Ireland is between May to September with a pleasant weather and short showers round the year.

Las Vegas, Nevada, US
While the Sin City of Las Vegas is famous for its drive-through chapels with officiants dressed as Elvis and all of the burgeoning blackjack tables, the other side of the urban city offers elegant hotels and resorts along with glitzy ballrooms, swanky pool-side parties and sensational restaurants, all included in wedding packages for a range of budgets. It is better to avoid the city during Summer for the temperature rise isn’t suitable for all. The best time would be in December before the prices and population increase for Christmas and New Year’s.

Park City, Utah, US
We are talking about swanky resorts with adventure sports including skiing on the mighty peaks of the Alps for all those in awe of winter weddings. With the ski season beginning early in December and going on till mid-April, you will find the fall and summer best for the lovely weather and range of activities such as mountain biking and hiking to keep your guests entertained.

New York City, US
One of the most famous cities in the world, New York City is all about luxurious 4-star hotels and restaurants, museums, galleries, Broadway shows, fun-filled nightlife and a plethora of shopping hubs. To celebrate your union with your beloved, you will have a range of wedding planners, florists, caterers, photographers and local bands to choose for your special day. The bustling city will keep your guests entertained with a lot to do including visits to tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Empire State Building. You can choose to visit the city all through the year with exciting setting during the holiday season.

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