Trends of Themed Weddings in India

The big-fat-Indian-wedding is a phenomenon of its own kind with the swankiest and craziest ideas put together to celebrate the bridal couple’s union. The wedding theme is not more restricted to just red and gold tents which are pretty much out of fashion now. Today, wedding designers are going out on a limb and run an extra mile to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that just wow the bridal couple and their guests. With weddings getting jazzier and more unique, there is a plethora of themes to choose from that are also customisable as per the bridal couple’s preferences.

Here are a few of the trending wedding themes that you could possibly incorporate for any of

your pre-wedding or wedding functions.

1.Vintage Variance

Old world charm reverberates through the elegant vintage theme that has made a fabulous comeback this wedding season. Most brides are in awe of the pastel shades of pearl, pink, purple, green and yellow which wedding designers use creatively to put up eye-catching décor pieces. For your wedding reception, you can make use of elegant candles, lace curtains, antique style frames for mirrors, strings of pearls dangling from the chandeliers and curtains as well as pretty tea sets, champagne glasses and cutlery in pale shades.

2. Rajasthani Royalty

As we speak of Rajasthan, all things colourful, traditional and beauteous. Whether it is the use of hand painted fabrics, ethnically embroidered cushions, jute baithaks, bangles and dupattas, traditional dining sets with typical chai cups, your mehendi ceremony theme will be unique and memorable. Wedding designers can also incorporate Rajasthani items like puppets, dhols turned into coffee tables and colourful pinwheels to decorate the space with neon shades.

3. Indoor Green Garden

Many times bridal couples want to throw a party in the garden but for reasons such as a hot summer or no availability of outdoor spaces, it is not really possible. But thanks to wedding planners, it is now possible to make interior spaces resemble outdoor locations with a more comfortable atmosphere and gorgeous décor. We are talking about adding lush leaves, trellises and flowers to cover a wall, add huge flower installations, specially designed small trees that look enchanting along with elegant crystal chandeliers. Choose this theme for your sangeet or reception party and you will find it entrancing and charming as you walk into an enclosed hall yet feel like you are out in a garden.

4. Glamorous Glitz

This season brides are utterly obsessed with everything that is sparkly, glittery and eye-catching. Everything should be bright and glam and light bulbs seem to do the job quite well. Whether indoor or outdoor, bulbs and fairy lights of different sizes and brightness add elegance, romance and charm to the space. Hang several bulbs above the sprawled out dining table, bold bulbs at the bar or dimly lit ones above the dance floor and the mood for your engagement party will be no less than a movie scene.

5. ‘Black and Gold’ is never Old

As we know gold is never old and black has always got your back, bridal couples can never go wrong while opting for this theme that often gives a bold ballroom or nightclub vibe depending on the décor. The black interiors with gold accents create a luxe ambience that is unique and classy. Choose black curtains with gold tassels, metallic gold chandeliers, black roses in tall gold vases and gold frames for mirrors will be your designer’s go-to if you opt for this theme for your cocktail party.

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